26 July 2012

Little Home Details

Ooopsie! I forgot to blog yesterday! I'm off work this week so haven't really been sticking to my usual routine.  But I had such a productive day yesterday I cleaned my flat from top to bottom, even scrubbed the windows (which is an effort in a quirky old flat with odd windows) and I changed round the furniture in my bedroom.  I am super excited about this, it feels like I just moved in, all shiny and new!

Anywho, yesterday whilst cleaning there was nice sunlight in my flat so I took the opportunity to take some little pics of some of the details...

1. This little cat person likes to perch here on this teeny chest of drawers.  2.  Little knitted mouse friend in a bowl.  3.  Favourite pretty pebbles from the beach.  4.  When I moved in I found there were loads of picture hooks in random places, so of course I had to hang things, this little person hangs on my ceiling beams.  5.  Hanging stars on the back of the door.  6.  Little Maisy in a jug!  7.  Another little picture hook person!  8.  Pretty painting done by my very talented friend Pam.  9.  Yes, I even have soft toys in the bathroom!

10.  Cute little ornaments.  11.  Pretty Angelina Ballerina frame with treasured pics.  12. Felicity Wishes and 2 Angelina Ballerinas (yes ok I know I should grow up!) 14.  My little painting in pride of place.  15.  Little hanging frog person on the kitchen cupboards.  16.  The television people (They have been on every TV I have had for many many years!  17.  Maisy beakers (what could be better in life!) 18.  My pretty little bowl collection.

I hope you enjoyed my little home details tour.  Please tell me some of you blogger lot have 'silly' childish things in your homes? (or am I on my own there??) eek!

Jo x


  1. Love your lovely little bowls, how sweet xxxx

  2. Nothing wrong with Angelina Ballerina!!!

    I have very little childish stuff..but there is a Jareth the Goblin King doll on top of my telly and a singular smurf who tends to move around my apartment :D


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