18 July 2012


Well this week has been pretty crappy!  We had to say goodbye to our family cat Mittens at the weekend, and it has not been easy at all.

I wanted to write a little post to explain what makes Mittens so great...

We got Mittens (or Mitzi for short) when I was 14 (this was a loooong time ago!) She is our longest surviving family pet and quite frankly the BESTEST most perfect cat in the world. 

I remember the day we went to choose her, we got her from the local animal shelter and she was in a big walk in cage with her mum and all her little brothers and sisters (I seem to remember there being hundreds of them!?) When we went in the cage all the little kittens were climbing over us and fighting for our attention but little Mittens was just sat at the back all shy and quiet, it was instant love "we want that one!" and that pretty much sums her up, she was quiet, gentle and never made a fuss.

We brought her home and played and played with little kitten Mittens.  We were all so obsessed with her and didn't leave her alone, she became such a big and important part of the family instantly.

When she grew up she was never one for playing much, she would get bored of catching balls and chasing string long before we did!  Instead Mittens liked to sleep and cuddle.  That's one of the great things about her she has always been such a cuddly cat and loves nothing better than to curl up on your lap, or nuzzle into your neck and go to sleep.  She never went much further than the garden, never caught a bird or mouse in her life, and was very loyal.  She was very odd in that she actually liked wearing a collar!  She would wash her name tag, and looked ever so proud and happy when she got a shiny new one!

Weird Mittens traits are how she liked to lick our hair when it was wet, and she used to get quite tangled up in it too!  She had an instant dislike to our neighbour (he wasn't a cat person!) and every time she saw him out of the window she would chatter her teeth and make funny growly sounds at him! hehe.  The weirdest Mittens story was when our other cat Kitti got stuck up the tall tree in our garden, we had always thought Mitz didn't like him but she climbed up onto the top of our shed roof and was calling to him!  Either she was distressed and worried about him, or she was laughing!

It's not easy writing this, so I'm going to stop now.  But I'm happy that Mitzi is safe, she isn't suffering (she was pretty frail and elderly at the end) and she is with Snowie and Smudge (other dear departed family cats) down at the bottom of the garden, sleeping forever in a favourite shady spot.

I know you shouldn't have favourites, but I've never loved a little fury person as much as I love Mittens.   She was just perfect to me. xxx


  1. Oh dear i am so sorry! This little post made me fill up!!! Pets become so special and such a massive part of our lives, its awful having to say goodbye. Sending you lots of love xxxxx

    1. Thanks Sally. Didn't know whether to post this or not, but felt like I wanted to make a little tribute to her, but was tough to write. You are right, our pets are as valued as the humans in our family, loosing Mitz was a big loss. Thanks for kind words. x

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about Mitz. Lots of love x


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