24 July 2012

Style Crush - Keira Knightley

This month I am style crushing over Keira Knightley.  Keira's style can quite frankly only be described as 'scruffy student'! I am sure she looks amazing on the red carpet and styled for her movies but whenever she is papped she looks, well, scruffy!

I love the scruffy student look, it is one I have myself been carefully cultivating over the years! haha!  it may be 10 years (eek!) ago that I actually was a 'proper' student.  Well actually, not entirely true, I was a student last year full time too, I went back to uni to do a PGCE and I also work at a uni and have on countless times been mistaken for a student!  So I figure I can get away with this look.  Well actually, the fact that I am mistaken for a student at the age of 31 is possibly a sign I should be developing a new look by now?  Oh no no no!!!!

Anywho, I love Keira's style, she looks so carefree in her pretty summer dresses, sandals and cross body bags.  I would steal her style tomorrow, if only Cumbria was to actually have a summer this year!

What do you think of Keira?  She seems to be a controversial one, and has quite a few haters.  Personally I like her, I have enjoyed all the movies I have seen her in and think she is brilliant (the fact that she mostly does period dramas helps a lot here!)  She maybe pouts a bit too much but she has to have one flaw! haha.

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(All pics from www.look.co.uk)


  1. Hey Jo!

    I certainly like her dress sense and the films she's been in. Aside from too much pouting, I'm pretty neutral towards her - don't love or hate her.

    One thing I do love is this scruffy, casual style! If you're happy in your style then don't change it for anyone, especially if it means you're mistaken for a student. That's got to be a good thing!

    :-) x

    1. Hi Jo, thank you loads for the comment.
      You are right, I am happy with the way I dress (mostly) but I do worry Im doing something wrong when people seem shocked by my age! haha.

  2. Love her style, not so keen on her pout. Mainly because she really doesn't need to! She looks amazing without trying to look like a fish.. I'd love to master that scruffy/chic style!



    1. Thank you very much for your comment. yeah I don't get the pout either! x


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