31 July 2012

This Month...July

Oh July, you haven't been the happiest of months (see post here) but we have to stay positive and focus on the good things that have happened...

New Movies/TV Shows

« The Amazing Spiderman soooo good! I blogged about it here« Hulk we got into a bit of a comic book movie obsession, so wanted to see this one, but wasn't impressed, so not as good as the more modern comic book movies.  « Wanderlust I do love Jennifer Aniston romcoms, she is quite funny actually.  « Tiny Furniture I LOVED this! Lena Dunham is a genius, of course I loved Girls, so really wanted to see this, which is basically just Girls, but a bit more random.  « Once Upon a Time just discovered this series, it's so good, I think it's quite a celver concept, only a few episodes into series one, can't wait to see what happens (I'm guessing a happy ending, haha!)  « Also I discovered this check it out if you love movies, I could watch these all day!

New Blogs Discovered

« Girl Lost in the City - Nice to see a non standard blog layout! Interesting articles and pretty fashion.
« xoJane - Feminist online magazine (but you can follow it through Bloglovin).
« Tales from the Faraway Tree - love discovering cool UK bloggers, so many things in common too.
« Beth Retro - Wow, Beth's retro inspired photos are amazing!
« Dearest Deer - Pretty new blog, a must read if you like Wish wish wish.

Things That Made me Smile

« New camera.  « Beautiful stately home gardens.  « Graduation ceremonies and inspiring speeches.  « Discovering Hello Cotton.  « iPhone.  « Instagram.  « Ultimate Frisbee on a rare sunny evening with friends in the park.  « New dresses.  « A week off work. « Browsing craft fairs with my mum.  « Booking Marilyn Manson tickets, screeeam! « Changing my bedroom furniture around.  «Reminiscing about 18 lovely years with my perfect cat Mittens.

Right, August, I have high hopes for you... exciting things coming up this month and will Cumbria finally see some sunshine??? Stay tuned for the next exciting installment....


  1. New camera! Yay! I'd love to get a new one myself.


    1. Thank you so much for the comment.

  2. Once Upon a Time is fantastic....also in case you haven't seen it check out Grimm. Both are great and renewed for second seasons :)

    Yay for iPhone love...I really am an iPhone addict..but its just so useful!

    1. Oooh No I haven't checked out Grimm, thanks for the tip. I'm always looking for new TV series to get into (should probably be out doing something more productive, but hey ho!) x


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