6 July 2012

This Week...

So this week I did a little plimsoll shopping.  I live in my Cons, but my current ones are white and I kind of fancied some black ones.  I thought I would go for something a little different to Converse this time... oh CRAZY!  I was totally tempted by numbers 2, 3 and 6.  How cool are number 2??? But I was strong and decided that plain black would be far more practical and would go with more stuff, so I went with number 5.  I am currently wearing them round the house, LOVE em!

1 Converse. 2 Vans. 3 Vans. 4 Vans. 5 Superga. 6 Vans
(All pics from www.schuh.co.uk)

I am SUPER excited, this week I finally bought a camera! wuhu! I have been using the camera on my phone for way too long.  I am quite new to attempting to take proper photos so I am not quite ready for an SLR or anything too complicated. (I only just discovered that my phone camera had a macro function, and what a macro function is! haha)  So this will do very well whilst I learn more about taking photos.... and it's pretty and blue and small (surely those are the important factors in choosing a camera?)

How perfect is this outfit? So soooo pretty.  I discovered this blog http://happyhoneylark.blogspot.co.uk/ this week after reading http://theclothes.blogspot.co.uk/ , when Rebecca interviewed Kallie.  Another pretty blog to add to my Bloglovin.

Mark and I had a date night on Wednesday, dinner and Orange Wednesdays, wuhu!  We went to see the new Spiderman it was really good! I think I might be developing a new girl crush on Emma Stone, she is really excellent in her movies I have seen so far.  Not sure about the guy playing Spiderman though, he was a bit skinny and lanky for Spiderman, no? I have a thing about 'boy films' I can be persuaded to go see them if they have A. daylight and B. a love story.  I hate those boy films that are all just big scary aliens/monsters in space fighting each other, ugh!  But comic book movies are always good to see as they have cheesy love stories and predictable happy endings! They are the perfect date compromise movie. 
(Pic: www.imdb.com)

Hope you all have a happy Friday!  What are your weekend plans?  I am going to a craft fair with mum, can't wait! x


  1. Great post! I loved the new Spiderman!! Emma Stone was awesome x

    1. Thank you very much for your comment. Spiderman was great wasn't it. x


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