21 August 2012

Festival Fashion

I am sooooo excited! This weekend I'm going to Solfest, a local music festival, this is a big deal, because I haven't been to a proper festival since my early twenties (a wee while ago!).  I'm sure I can still do it right??? 3 days of not washing, not eating properly, drinking too much, no sleep and er not to mention the toilets, I'm not too old right???

I remember the good old days when we excitedly rushed to WH Smith for the latest NME and Melody Maker to find out the festival line ups, then waited until all the bands were listed then sauntered up to Pink Panther records to purchase our hard saved for tickets in person! None of this selling out in one day before you know which bands are playing internet malarky in my day! Haha!

So I am a little worried about what to wear... I am pretty certain whatever I wear I'm not going to look quite as cool as those above at Coachella this year!  (They probably hired stylists to get that 'perfect edgy festival style' just right! hehe.)

Here are some of my dream festival looks...
Hat, glasses, bag and belt from Topshop, dress from Apricot

This look is my stylish festival look, inspired by Dita Von Teese, somehow I doubt I could pull this off!  This is more me (and a bit more practical for the Cumbrian weather)... a thrown together mish mash of prints and colours...

Dress Apricot, waterproof and bag Cath Kidston, wellies Office (they have a knitted pattern, how cute!), Slouchy cardy Topshop,  tights M&S, and of course Tatty Devine necklace (new collaboration with Tate) and incredibly cool eyelash sunglasses.

Are you going to any festivals this year?


  1. You'll love Solfest, I really wish I was going this year but a friend is getting married that weekend. You don't have to be dirty there as they have little shower pods, and a solar powered sauna. Also please please check Seth Lakeman out, he's an awesome singer and very pretty too.
    Have a great weekend, and don't forget babywipes.

    1. Thanks for the comment Amanda. OOOh you have made me so happy telling me about the shower pods! Such a small thing but if I can shower I will be a much happier person! I will check out Seth lakeman, thanks for the tip. I'm so excited! (and a little nervous about the weather!) x

  2. I do like the slouchy cardi and the Cath Kidston waterproof (I've just prdered the polka dot one) but I agree that everyone in those pictures will have hired stylists to create that perfect 'festival' look. What happened to keepin it real?! Ha ha, mud and greasy hair! Hope you have a great time whatever you wear

    1. Yeah slouchy cardies are the best and I already have the CK waterproof, it's so pretty. Thanks for the comment Lucy, I can't wait! (altho it's currently pouring down here so hoping the weather improves a little before Friday!) x

  3. Hey Jo, another tip DO NOT camp on the hill, have a walk round and check out the wind and your neighbours. Never been bothered by rain just wind camping there, try to get cover by a hedge, big camper van or even in the field on other side of the road as you have a lovely tarn near you there and it's more sheltered. Have a great time.


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