2 August 2012

I ♥ Craft Fairs

This weekend Mummy and I went to yet another craft fair, see my post the other week about our first craft fair of the summer.  This one was a lot smaller, and maybe just a little bit better in my opinion, check out the beams on that room! (Dacre Hall, probably the oldest village hall in the country you know!)

The fair we went to was Lanercost Craft Fair held at the English Heritage site Lanercost Priory which is a ruined priory along Hadrian's Wall, it's very pretty and such a beautiful setting.  The tea rooms near by are amazing too, well worth a visit if you are up this end of the country.

Soooo many pretty things I didn't know where to look first!  I LOVED loved loved these applique cushions, so want the squirrel one and the little flower crosages too.  These are made by The Canny Squirrel (she does commissions!).  Of course I could not resist the Malteser cake, (seriously MALTESER CAKE, oh you know how to get my attention!!)

I love the word decoupage! Randomly I want to try it just so I can say that my hobby is decoupage.  I like funny words, they make me giggle.

Whilst the stall didn't have the prettiest lay out (you could tell it was a man's stall, sorry but you just could) Mum and I were never the less totally smitten with these amazing wood crafts, look at those unusual little drawers, how sweet!  (of course forgot to get the maker's name, doh!)

And yes, I did buy something (who can resist a craft fair purchase?) This is what I bought...

A fork bracelet, made by Caldbeck Jewellers look how cool it is! I already have a fantastic elephant fork brooch (you have to see it to believe it!), bought for me by my wonderful Sister Dearest, so this will go nicely.

Have you been to any craft fairs this summer?  What have you purchased?  Do share...


  1. It's so hard to walk out of there empty-handed, isn't it? Haven't been to any craft fairs this summer (always seem to miss them, mh!) but last year I bought lots of stuff for Christmas presents and birthdays =) xo Anja @ cocalores.blogspot.com

    1. They are such good places for presents, I love to buy unique handmade presents for people, things you know they can't possibly already have! Thanks for the comment. x

  2. Oh wow, what an incredible village hall! Amazing setting for a craft fair and all those beautiful handmade projects, stunning! I want that squirrel cushion too. Ha ha ha decoupage, it certainly is an ace word! That's made me giggle too!

    Jo :-) x

    1. Thanks for the comment Jo. Yeah, it's a really pretty place. I'm considering a cuchion comission, she does them of your own pets, how cool! x

  3. Oh :( i want to go! I have never been to Lanercost!!! Not fair! Looks super nice though! And im glad you mentioned the elephant brooch i alway wonder if you wear that haha! ;D

    Sister xx

  4. How lovely! I love this style :) Just stumbled upon your beautiful blog through Hello Cotton! Now following (on GFC & Hello Cotton :) and looking forward to reading more. Your style is inspiring!



    1. Hi Erin

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment and following my blog. It is always exciting getting new followers, means I get to discover great new blogs too, so thank you. Jo x


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