24 August 2012

This Week...

Ahhh it's payday today, which can only mean one thing, trawling through the internet looking at pretty dresses.  I am going crazy over the key print dress and acorn print dress from Oasis and how pretty is this fox print dress, look at that collar detail, and the Aztec dress, such a nice colour, both from Sugarhill Boutique.  Can't afford them all though, impossible choice, life is soooo unfair! (Pic Sources: Oasis and Sugarhill Boutique)

I made the most awesome discovery this week, a lady who makes cookies with buttons on! That's right, a combination of two of my absolute favourite things cookies and buttons, screeeam! The buttons in the pic above are icing buttons, what a fabulous idea!  You can buy them here...
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Button-Biscuits-and-Cakes/158837144157330  Did I mention it is my birthday next month... wow, these would make a lovely present wouldn't they..... (te he he!) (Pic source: Button Biscuits and Cakes)

The highlight of my week was my little office move, I have my own office now! I feel so important! Can't wait to make it more my own with some plants and pics on the walls. (Pic Source: me!)

Looking good this week in paparazzi pics, I do actually quite like some of the things Paris Hilton wears (don't judge me!) Gwyneth looking impossibly amazing and super cute sixties dress Fearne.  Wow, just looking at the photos I chose, do you think I subconsciously want to be a tall, slim blonde? hehe. (Pic Source: Daily Mail)

Well as you are reading this I am either on route to or at Solfest, WUHU!!!  So I am giving myself a little internet break, will be back at some point next week with new posts and no doubt lots of festival pics to bore you with!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Jo x

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  1. We really need to catch up when youre back dearest, catching up on your life via blogs is so unbecoming!

    Sister xx


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