31 August 2012

This Week...

I am going crazy over satchels this week, I really really want one, but it is a tough decision.  I can't decide between a spotty one or a plain one! I love these Cath Kidston ones (1 and 5), I wouldn't hesitate to buy either of these two if not for one thing, they have teeny bits of leather on, just trimmings but I don't wear leather at all, so deal breaker for me, but oh so pretty!  2,3 and 4 are all some recent finds from Ebay, I am loving Ebay recently too. 

Decor8 blog posted this picture of the most amazing sweet shop this week.  Unfortunately it is in Australia, but how amazing does this look?

Looking great in paparazzi pictures this week, Zooey Deschanel, well she always looks amazing doesn't she, Holly Willoughby caught without make-up, gosh I wish I looked that great without make-up in casual clothes, and lastly Fearne, there are always so many Fearne pics, but she always looks great, I love her interesting outfits.
As you may have seen this week in my Photo an hour post I treated myself to a few little new make-up items, one of which was an MUA palette.  I am loving these palettes, so many to choose from, such great colours, and guess what, they are £4 each! Check out all the lovely make-up on their website www.muastore.co.uk

The highlight of my week, this week was my little trip to Glasgow on Wednesday.  Ok, so it wasn't a pleasure trip, I was sent there for work for a boring training course, but I did get a little time to peak in a few shops! The training place was conveniently located literally right next to Primark! For someone who does not live in a city with a Primark this is very exciting! So naturally I stocked up on the Primark essentials fleecy PJ's (god I LOVE Primark fleecy PJ's!), brogues and leggings.  I did spy with my little eye the Cath Kidston shop and felt obliged to pop in, oh Cath, you tease me so with your pretty pretty displays... sigh....

Hope you have had a super week and have something beautiful planned for the weekend, see you on Monday... x


  1. Any time I go to the UK I go straight to primark to stock up on underwear, leggings, and white vest tops. It's a wonder for poor girls like me!

  2. Oh the 2nd one is amazing! I'm a big fan of the satchel at the moment - I also managed to steal my boyfriend's for carrying my laptop about! I love it!


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