7 August 2012

This Week's Nails

I haven't done a nail post in quite some time.  Mainly I think because my nails have just been boring and 1 colour for the past few weeks.  But this week I felt like multicoloured nails again so I dug out my trusty dotting tools.

I tried to come up with colour combination I hadn't tried before, and I think these blue and purple ones work really well.

I used a Pop Beauty (from Topshop) blue, a Rimmel purple and then my usual clear Barry M topcoat.  I also used the largest dotting tool in my collection to create the big dots.

Seen any good nail inspiration recently?  I have been watching YouTube tutorials for leopard print nails tonight for a party I am going to.  It looks super easy to do though... I am sure I will blog about my attempts.


I mostly do my nails last thing on a Sunday evening when I'm packing stuff up for work the next day and suddenly realise last week's nail varnish is all chipped off! I wish I had the motivation to put more effort into my nails like Kaylah... her nails this week are just wow!

Seen any pretty nails lately?  Do share links, I love to get inspiration.  x


  1. I love the blues you used, very cute :)

    Brooke xx

    1. Thank you so much for your comment.

  2. I LOVE the nails!! So creative. I need to become more talented when it comes to my fingernails. But I shake sometimes :( I'll try tho!

    Love the blog :D

    1. It is one of those things that certainly needs practice. I do wish I had the patience for Kaylah style nails though. Thanks so much for the comment.


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