26 September 2012

A Very Dotty Birthday

So it was my birthday at the weekend, I don't really like making a big deal about these things I am too old so didn't do anything special and I didn't expect any pressies, so was very pleasantly surprised to get so many nice things.

There was definitely a theme to my presents, it's like people think I like polka dots or something! Haha! (I'm joking I really am crazy about them, check here for more evidence)  The kettle and cutlery were from my lovely boyfriend.

My new Cath Kidston bag was from my amazing sister dearest. Cath and dots, oh what can be better?

Yet more Cath, yet more dots, these little lovelies are from my mummy.  Can't wait for a nice dry day to debut these.

Even my perfume is spotty (who knew that was possible!) another lovely pressie from mummy, she spoils me!

I was a happy bunny going to work on Monday morning wearing as many new birthday presents as possible, does anyone else do that???


  1. Oooh what lovely polka dot presents! I love and want them all, especially the trainers! Happy belated birthday Jo! And yeah, ha ha, I totally do that too - put everything on even if they don't go together. I once wore some pyjamas to school because I loved them so much - in fairness I thought they were a top and leggings, ha ha. Oh and I was about aged 6!
    Jo :-) x

    1. Gkad to hear that you no longer wear PJ's to work! haha. Thank you lots for your comment. x

  2. Love your spotty gifts! Glad to hear you had a wonderful day :-)

  3. Such a dotty birthday!! I love the theme!!! I hope you had a lovely day….did you get a dotty cake?!?!?xxx


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