10 September 2012

I went to a Hen Party!

So this weekend was my 'Sister in law to be' Nikki's hen party.  I haven't been to many hen parties, so I was super excited about a big night out with the girls. Nikki is the one in the black sash in the middle, looking ultra glam.

We went to Newcastle, which is, for people who may not know, a massive party city, there are bars everywhere and they were all so packed, which created a brilliant fun atmosphere.

The theme, if you cannot tell! was leopard print, I am wearing leopard print tights and have a little leopard print bag, and of course leopard nails.  I'm not sure I fit super well with this group, I don't know what to wear for going out, it's been WAY too long! Haha! I think I possibly had to be the only woman in Newcastle with a cardigan on, Newcastle women are famed for their lack of clothes on nights out!

We started at the Fat Bhudda, where we had a cocktail making class, this is me attempting to be Tom Cruise in Cocktail! Haha, I don't look overly confident with my bar sills do I!

Here is Nikki and Emma showing me how it should be done...

Next we went to Revolution and then ended the night dancing away in the VIP area of Florita's (apparently THE celeb bar to be seen in, get us!)

Was a fab night, and met some lovely new people.

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  1. It was certainly a fab night for you ladies! And hitting the club with your cool leopard outfits was an excellent idea! I’m sure people admired those cute outfits. But I think the best part of the night is the dancing and cocktail mixing! Drinking your own cocktail mix is surely a fun way to pass the night away!


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