11 September 2012

Style Crush - Kelly Osbourne

I LOVE Kelly, I have been a fan of her for years and have always admired her style.  Yes, even when she was a bratty teenager on The Osbournes, I still thought she was cool!  I actually went to see her play live when she was going her whole 'trying to be a singer' phase - oh dear I shouldn't have admitted that should I? Haha!

She always looks great and she is so brave with her outfit choices.  I wish I was even half as brave.  I love how she looks different in every picture, different style, different hair do, she changes her look so often.

Kelly has had some stick over the years over her size and weight, she was never huge, but even when she was bigger she was super brave with her fashion.  Now she is teeny tiny!  I think I like her less polished looks best, her quirky rock chick looks suit her best. (All pics from www.look.co.uk)

What do you think of Kelly?  Would like to hear other points of view. 


  1. I think sometimes she looks good and sometimes she looks terrible, but credit for her individuality.

    1. Thank you for your comment Celeste. She is certainly individual which I very much admire. I think she is quite a controversial 'style crush' choice, but even when I maybe don't like her outfit so much, I still admire her bravery with choices. x

  2. i looove her! she is classy and has good taste. Also her style has got better with the years. so inspiring!


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