1 October 2012

Introducing Meg...

I have a little house-guest for a few weeks and I am so pleased she is staying...

Meg is my Brother and (brand new) Sister-in law's cat and as they are jetting off on their honeymoon to Mauritius today (erm, not AT all jealous, of course not! hmmm) I get to cat-sit.

Meg is the sweetest cat, she is teeny although she is a few years old now so not a kitten but she still has a kittenish streak which is so cute. She follows me round the house everywhere and likes little cuddles on the sofa. 

She has been here a few days now and she has literally been on every piece of furniture and in every cupboard in the flat, she has certainly explored well.  She has even been in places I didn't know it was possible to go, like INSIDE my sofa for example!  But she has settled in well now and seems happy and contented which is good.

Meg has little white paws, and one of the cutest things about her is a little tabby spot on her front right paw, aw!

She found a blue straw from somewhere the other day and it is apparently the best toy ever! She proceeded to chase it round the house for over an hour.  The best game was when I was shoving it underneath the door and she was catching it from the other side.  I soon got bored but she carried on the game on her own, she was pushing it under the door and running round to the other side and pushing it back through, so funny!

I know these next 2 weeks are going to go super fast and I am not going to want to let her go! It's nice to have some company in my little flat.

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  1. Hello! I just love this pictures from Meg, she´s a real beauty, this eyes...whaouuu! She seems really sweet!
    Have a nice week!


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