29 October 2012

Organising Makes me Happy

So this weekend I was in a cleaning and organising mood. I do love a good cleaning and organising spree, I feel so much happier and lighter when the flat is tidy and everything is in its right place.

My little loft flat has many quirky details, it is part of its charm and why I love it so much.  One of the little oddities is this cute little corner shelving nook in my bedroom.  These little shelves used to house my Tatty Devine collection, however I was painting my nails the other day and noticed that all my polishes were all going a bit gross and dried up and gloopy as they lived in a basket, just all thrown in.  It suddenly dawned on me that I could have them all standing up properly and displayed beautifully if I moved them all to these little shelves.

I have been lusting after some shelves for my nail polish collection since I saw this amazing sight on The Dainty Squid.  It hadn't occurred to me that I already had the perfect shelves for the job, doh!

Top shelf is my blacks, greys, whites and sparklies and the oranges and yellows.

Middle shelf is the blues, purples and greens, my fave shelf I think.

The bottom shelf is the reds and pinks.  I did't think I had so many reds and pinks, I don't usually like these colours on their own so much, but I guess these are the most common sort of nail varnish colours so you just sort of acquire them.

The bad news about my new display is that I think my collection looks smaller, but of course the good news is plenty of room for more! Wuhu!

Anyone else an organising freak like me?

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  1. Those cleaning and organising moods are the best, aren't they! I'd never get the bigger household tasks done without them. And wow, what a resplendent nail polish collection you have there! I need to do something with mine as they're all shoved in a sandwich bag at the moment (the shame!) and I actually think I'd save money if I could see them because I'd realise I have plenty of each colour and don't need more!

    Anna x


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