17 October 2012

The Hunt for the Perfect Pair

I badly want some new glasses! I think I have had my current ones about 5 years.  They are such a big part of your 'look', they are right there on your face all the time so picking glasses is always a tough decision for me. (top pic all from Warby Parker)

Elycia is my inspiration, she looks so fab in her retro styles, I really am so jealous of how many pairs she has. (Pics both from Love Elycia)

I have been wearing glasses for a very long time.  I first went to the opticians when I was about 12 I believe, and I got contact lenses and glasses.  I refused to wear my glasses through my school years, but in recent years I have taken to wearing glasses a lot more than my lenses, I really only wear lenses for the gym.  I think my face looks odd without my glasses! (Two pairs above from Specsavers)

Well I would settle for any of these pairs really, I think I am certainly leaning toward a more retro style.  I like bold, thick, plastic frames. (3 pairs above from Lookmatic)

Do you wear glasses?  Where do you get your frames?  Any good bargains anyone can recommend?  My usual optician is Specsavers, but I fear their frame choice isn't that great!


  1. Hey Jo, not sure if you've come across this shop before? http://www.shopgreenwich.co.uk/greenwich-market/auntie-aviator . Suppose to be really good. I found out about this shop through this lovely blogger: http://beardtoday-gonetomorrow.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/new-specs.html

    Hope that helps!
    Jo :-) x

    1. This is great, thanks Jo, I have never heard of this shop. I will def have to look out for it next time I am in London. x

  2. I am a bit obsessed with buying glasses these days, I have worn them since I was little and actually love wearing them. Glasses here used to cost me around $1000 every time I needed a pair so it was hard to change them as price was just crazy! but the last 5 years they have come down alot

    I go to specsavers too, but I agree not a huge fashion range.

    There is a site in Aust called 'clearly contacts' that I buy from a lot so maybe see if they have a online store for your country, They have first pair free too, so its a good chance to try out a fashion pair you don't want to pay big bucks on.

    Yesterday I read a blog and seen this site called 'firmoo' advertised, they also have first pair free, not a huge range but there is a great red plastic pair I think I might get that you might like ;) they were international so definitely check them out oxo


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