3 October 2012

This Month - September

New Movies/TV Shows

« Downton Abbey, I am soooo excited that this is back, and a wedding in the first episode, perfection!  (SPOILER ALERT) But I feel so sad for Edith, she deserved a bit of happiness for once surely? And ooh we are beginning to have doubts over Mr Bates, going to be an interesting series. « Big Bang Theory, all the American shows are starting to come back (shhh, watched not so legally online) this is a big fave, it is so the new friends, never fails to make me LOL!  Glad to have new episodes to watch though.  « Alan Carr - Chatty Man, another show that makes me totally LOL, I love how he doesn't really interview them, doesn't ask them anything probing, just talks about random things.  « Captain America, one I have been wanting to watch for a while, after seeing Avengers Assemble I was keen to see all the back stories of all the characters. « Your Highness, we watched this randomly the other night on the new Sky Now TV, It is really rather funny.

New Blogs Discovered

« All this Happiness - I love this American fashion blog, Kater has so many pretty dresses!
« Katie Stitches - Katie Allen works for Mollie Makes, so of course her blog is ultra cool.
« Miss Imogen Smith - Imogen is a Beatrix Potter fan, so I Just knew I would love her blog, her photos and illustrations are super pretty.

Things that made me smile

«Sweet buffets «Michael Jackson tribute acts «dancing with Mark «getting my hair and make-up done professionally «seeing my new Sister in Law in her dress, the most beautiful bride ever! «beautiful Mabie Forest «Autumn colours «meeting new baby second cousins «putting on my winter coat «woolly tights «Meg «Birthday presents «a new baby for a dear friend «Hen parties «acorns.

This month has absolutely whizzed by, been packed with lovely things such as hen parties, weddings, birthdays, new babies and exciting news for friends and family.  September rules!


  1. Ooh yay, some new blogs to follow! Particularly love Miss Imogen Smith. Thanks so much sharing Jo!

    :-) x

    1. Imogen's blog is lovely isn't it. I love discovering new blogs.

  2. Jo that's so sweet of you to mention my blog! Thank you :)
    I've never gotten into Downton Abbey *hangs head in shame* but so many people rave about it, I feel that I must give it a chance! I do love Chatty Man though! Especially when he gives celebrities random drinks that they've never heard of! He's hilarious! xx

    1. You are very welcome!

      You must get into Downton, it is so good. But I love any period drama like this! Alan is so funny, he is def my fave comedian, I just love how random he is! x

  3. Oooh I love Downton Abbey! :D



    1. Thanks for the comment Sophie.
      Downton is indeed brilliant! Just cheked out your blog too, it's great. x


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