8 October 2012

This Week's Nails...

I am calling these my 'Dainty Squid' nails.  I am sure you must be familiar with Kaylah's blog, and you will know how obsessed she is with her nails.  Well she always goes on about her fab nail stickers, so I finally decided to buy them and can only say they are great!!!

I started with a base coat of pink, I used a Model's Own nail varnish as it dries super fast (and I was impatient to use my new stickers!) I then put the stickers on each nail across the middle as you can see.  Be careful to press the edges of the stickers down so you don't get any leaks.

I then painted the tops of the nail purple, making sure to go over the edge of the sticker so you get a neat line.  Then I painted the tips blue.

I purchased the nail stickers from Ebay, they are bargaintastic, for only a few pounds you get 9 sheets full of nail stickers so they will last ages.  All 9 sheets are different shapes so there are so many different nail art combinations to try. 


  1. They. Are. AMAZING!!!! xxxx A little bit Missoni too…wit woo xxxx

    1. Thanks Sally. I never thought of them being Missoni like, I guess they are a bit, will have to try add some more stripes next time. x


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