26 November 2012

Jo's Vintage Home

I am LOVING Kirstie's Vintage Home (who isn't!) it so makes me want to make my little loft flat prettier.  But this makes me blue because I rent so consequently not permitted to paint or make 'improvements' plus have limited funds for such things.

But it occurred to me the other day that I should appreciate the great bits of the flat.  So I went round with my camera looking at all the interesting little details.  (You can see a previous post here of some more flat details if you are interested).

There are already so many vintage elements to my flat, I loved it instantly when I looked round because of all it's quirky old details.  The best piece is the retro sink unit, I am guessing it is 50's? there is a name on it but it's painted over so I can't make it out.  I am dying to paint it a cool bright colour though! (apologies for poor photo quality of these also, not too much natural light in loft at this time of year!).

All the doors in the flat are original, they all have slightly different lock mechanisms (which no longer work) but I think they look pretty.  But again I'm dying to paint them bright colours!

Another great feature is my roll top bath with feet! I don't think I've ever been in it, but it sure does look pretty!

The sink in the bathroom matches the bath well, has the same taps, just smaller.  I love these big old sinks, you can buy them this shape these days but this one is original, I even like the graze marks and slight discolouration from age, it all adds to the vintage charm.

Pretty 70's (?) tiles.  I didn't like these at first, but have grown to appreciate them now.

I'm dying to 'Kirstie' these chairs! Did you see the episode where she painted the chairs bright colours and then distressed them, wow! Surely my landlady wouldn't mind, it would be an improvement...

Hope you like my pics, does your home have an 'vintage' bits?


  1. I rent as well so understand your pain, I live in a old Victorian terrace with high ceilings and coving bot that's about all. My kitchen is a early 90's throw back of cheap blue units and yellow and blue tiles. Kills me that I can't change it. Your flat has some great elements to work around,enjoy your space. Amanda.x.

    1. I love the victorian terraces, and a yellow and blue kitchen sounds fab, there is too much white and neutral colours in my flat, dying to brighten the place up a bit. It may not be perfect but it's home, you have to appreciate the little things that make it unique. x

    2. This wood chair are really good, i like to use it coz it very comfortable for me, even It looks old but still it is good for me.

  2. I rent too so like Amanda I feel your pain! Our bungalow is a bit old fashioned in places but um...not in a good way! I get inspired by Kirstie and then sad lol!

    1. Thanks very much for your comment. I bet there are some lovely elements to your home, I love bungalows, so cosy. There are always little things that you can do to improve. x

  3. your bath is wonderful, I LOL'd at you not actually using it, I think I would be in it every day just to say "sorry can't cook dinner, the amazing bath is calling me" BAHA

  4. A vintage style of home will look with more handy crafts. And its a best plan to use those in our home improvement plans for our interior design


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