5 December 2012

A Crochet Snood

I finally finished a little ongoing crochet project the other evening.  Personal crochet projects have been put aside for Christmas projects recently so I was pleased to pick up my hook and get this little pressie for me finished.

It is such pretty wool, it is dark blue but has some purpley pinky strands in it so it looks kind of shimmery in different lights.  I thought I would add a little detail to it with the button, I couldn't resist these huge wooden ones in my local craft shop on my last visit.

Of course when I was taking these photos Meg's love of buttons made her a little bit of a nuisance! (She is being so attention seeky and naughtly over past couple of days, little scamp, but I can't stay mad at that little face for very long!)

This project was extremely easy and a great one for the new crocheter, or those who, like me, are a bit scared of complicated patterns!
  1. Start with a chain, just keep going until it is the desired length, just hold it together round your neck to decide what size you want.
  2. Once chain desired length join with a slip stitch to form a ring.
  3. I used a 6mm hook and my wool was a double knitting chunky style.
  4. The stitch I used was a half treble stitch, if you are unsure how to do this I highly recommend this YouTube video (it is American so they call it a half double stitch, so confusing!)
  5. Start with second stitch from hook and just work a half treble into each chain and literally just keep going round and round, so easy!
  6. Stop when you get to desired height.  I just kept trying it on until it looked right! If you do make one like this be aware that with a spiral the top will not look completley level, but really you can't tell unless you look closely!
It's maybe not perfect (I blame Meg for the holes, she wasn't impressed when I wouldn't let her chew the button!) but I like it, little imperfections add to the homemade charm, and you really can't tell when you are wearing it.  (Hope you are not too scared by the huge make-up free pic of my morning face!).

Have you crocheted anything recently?  Would love to have a look...


  1. I wish I was good at crocheting! You snood looks lovely and cosy!! xx

  2. It looks beautiful Jo! You are a clever bean xxxxx

  3. Hi Jo, I stumbled across your blog and am loving it! I really want to learn to crochet. This piece is awesome and I love the colours as well, so pretty!


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