7 December 2012

Style Crush - Katie, Skunkboy Creatures

This month's style crush is Katie from the blog Skunkboy Creatures.  I love Katie's style, she is super girly and almost doll or child like in her outfit choices.  Is that a bad thing for a grown woman?  I sometimes wonder if my outfit choices but are a bit child-like, but I like to wear what makes me happy and that usually means pretty animal prints and polka dot tights!  I would love her range of pretty cotton printed dresses, but I am guessing where she lives is a little warmer than Carlisle!

I prefer blogger style to celeb style anyday, follow the links to see my previous style crush posts on Elycia, Kaylah and Elsie.  I really want to repeat all of these now as there have been soooo many pretty outfit posts since I collated these. 

Who has the best blogger style in your opinion??

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  1. Ohh I have style crushes on them all too. I wish I lived in American just so I could shop on ModCloth all the time ha!
    Lovely post


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