14 January 2013

Crochet Grandma Slippers

I went a bit crafty crazy this Christmas and I decided to make quite a few presents rather than buying them.  An idea I had for my grandma was some cosy crochet slippers.

I was very surprised just how easy these were to make.  Here is the pattern if you would like to make some yourself...

1. Ch 3, join with ss to form a ring.
2. Work 9 hdc into ring, join with ss.
3. Ch2, 1 hdc in first stitch, 2 hdc in next, repeat 1 hdc in next, 2hdc in next.  Join with ss.
4. Ch2, 1hdc in each stitch, join with ss.
5. Repeat step 3.
6. Repeat step 4.
7. Repeat step 3 again.
8. Repeat step 4 again.
Note: You should notice that the ring has increased to form the toe shape.
9 - 12. Repeat step 4, (so ch2, 1hdc in each st join with ss) for the next 4 rows.
13. ch2, work 28 hdc into previous row, turn work, this is just half way round, do not do full ring.
14-25 Repeat step 13 for 12 more rows, turning work and going back each time.
26. Sew up back of slipper with wool needle.

You will notice that steps 1-12 form the toe part, it should create a tube type shape but should get wider as it goes down.  Then from step 13 you are making the sides of the slipper, you stop going round the full ring and just build up the main slipper shape. This pattern was made for a ladies 5-6 shoe size, but I simply kept measuring it against my own foot to get an idea of size.

Note: These slippers are quite wide fitting and do stretch, simply decrease the number of stitches in the rounds to make them slimmer fitting and increase or decrease the number of rows from step 13 to make the slipper lager or smaller.

After I made the main slipper shape, I added a row of single crochet to the top in a different colour to make an edge detail.  I then made some simple circular shapes for a pretty detail which I sewed onto the toe.

These make a really nice, easy, rainy afternoon project and, I think, rather a nice present.  My grandma was rather pleased with hers and put them on straight away.

If you have any questions about the pattern, I am only to happy to help, drop me an email jothestrange@gmail.com or tweet me @perfecthiding I would love to know if you attempt these!


  1. What gorgeous slippers! I'm going on a crochet course soon, so will definitely give these a go!

    Jo :-) x


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