23 January 2013

Style Crush - Emma

 This month's style crush is Emma from A Beautiful Mess which is one of the first blogs I discovered and still a very fave.  I have featured Elsie in a previous style crush post, which you can see here.

 I love blogs that feature personal style and I would much prefer to look at fashion in blogs than in magazines and on celebs.  Blogger style is attainable, the clothes affordable (usually, well the blogs I read anyway!) and the photos reflect their personal style rather than that of their hired stylist.

I must admit that perhaps Elsie's style is more to my taste, but they do have a very similar style.  Elsie wears more dresses and as I live in dresses these appeal to me more.  Here are some pics I found of Emma in dresses that I love.

 I like this cute look, preppy coat and satchel and love the beanie hat.

 Printed dresses are a wardrobe staple for me so it is no surprise that this pic of Emma in a disty printed dress appealed. I love the idea of a cardigan included in the belt, but not sure it would suit me?

 Very pretty summer look, could not get away with this of course with the Carlisle climate, but if I ever go on holiday somewhere sunny, would be nice to try to replicate this look.

 This is by far my fave of Emma's looks.  Pretty dress with a slouchy cardy finished off with coloured tights and the red beanie again, love it. (all photos from A Beautiful Mess)

Who's wardrobe do you covet the most, Elsie or Emma?


  1. I love this blog, they just posted a great lace hoodie DIY!

  2. I love her too, so pretty and just looks prefect in everything! One of my favourite blogs :) xxx


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