16 January 2013

Super Sparkly Nails

Just after Christmas my friend Emma from Emma's Cuti-Calls called to ask if I wanted to test a new brand of gel nail varnish she had just got in.  I jumped at the chance, my first ever gel nails and for free.  So I thought I would do a little review...

I love painting my nails, as I am sure if you are a regular reader of this blog will notice that.  I always keep my nails short, I don't like long nails, don't like the look on me or the feel of them, I cut them off as soon as you can see any white.  I also get bored of my nail varnish after so long and want to change it.  So the idea of gel nail varnish, which is meant to last longer than normal (up to 15 days, no chips) is perhaps not the best option for me.  But it was free and the varnish I was going to be trying was SUPER sparkly, who could resist that?

I loved the look of these nails, the varnish is a lot thicker, goes on a lot better, much more vibrant colours and way more sparkly than regular.  The process is easier too, no chance of smudging with the super laser fast drying machine, great if you want to do a few different colours or patterns.

The varnish itself lasted a good 8 days on me with absolutely no sign of chips at all.  By this time most of my regular varnish would be chipped off.  However I could see that they had started to grow out and there was a big gap at the top and then they started to peel.  I was meant to go and get it taken off properly by the expert Emma, but I couldn't resist, yep, I picked it all off! My nails were not in the best state after that I confess.

So to sum up, much better colours, way more sparkly,  last better and more hard wearing then regular varnish.  However the only issue for me is that it is harder to get off.  If you don't mind them growing out a bit then I can certainly recommend this.  I would definitely get them done again, for a special occasion, but make an appointment in a week's time to get the gel taken off properly. If you are in Carlisle I highly recommend Emma's Cuti-Calls, her range of colours and pattern effects etc. is great!

Have you tried gel nail varnish?  What did you think?

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