30 January 2013

This week's nails...

I think these could quite possibly be my favourite nails I have ever done.  I love the colours and the wavy detail.  I used my nail stickers to create the waves.  I started off with the green, which was a Christmas present from my sister.  Great colour and really fast drying polish which is perfect for the nail stickers.  I then applied the stickers to the middle of each nail and painted the top a Barry M blue and the tip a glittery turquoise.

Here are the colours I used if you are interested...

My nails are still like this as I type, they have chipped off a bit now though.  They do need to be re-painted but I'm so sad to say bye to these pretty nails.  Will certainly be repeating these beauties very soon.

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  1. I've done this one before and I loved it! Great colour scheme, I did mine with wine red and gold colours at christmas.


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