2 January 2013

This Year... 2012

Looking back on 2012 it has been a pretty good year for me. Yes, there have been very sad times but I like to remember all the fun and positive stuff that has happened, here are the best bits of 2012...

« Getting lovely job I actually enjoy « learning to crochet « starting my blog « getting a new camera and developing photography skills « getting a sewing machine and learning to use it « joining the gym « Solfest « My big brother getting married to the lovely Nikki « my little Sister moving closer « friends moving home « friends getting pregnant and meeting new little ones « lovely family meal to a posh restaurant « dancing the night away at a ceilidh « teaching interviews and dreaming about the perfect job « shopping trips to old book shops with my mum « walking in the rain at the beach « visiting pretty craft fayres « a candlelight romantic meal « Whinlatter biking fun « birthday biking at the beautiful Mabie Forest « meg coming to live with me « lovely long country bike rides « dinner parties with friends « re-discovering our city's castle with a best friend « lovely walks to Aira Force, and I'm sure many more little things...

One of the best bits of 2012 for me was starting and developing this little blog.  I have learnt a lot from it, and developed new skills along the way.  Here is a little round up of my favourite posts from 2012...

My favourite of my Hero series was Nancy Mitford, mainly because I love these pictures of her, so pretty.

I have really enjoyed painting my nails crazy colours and experimenting with dotting tools and nail art stickers.  You can see all my nail posts here.

I love putting together my Style Crush series, these pics of Keira are some of my faves. 

I love these little old family photos, it was nice to share this little series on my blog.  I hope to post more old photos in 2013.

I had so much fun putting together this little Jubilee party for friends in the summer.  Baking themed cakes, and of course painting patriotic nails!

This was the first weekend I got my new iPhone and went a bit crazy instagramming pretty pics of my home city of Carlisle.  I hope to take more pics of the pretty bits of the city this year.

The highlight of the Summer was Solfest, my first festival in many years.  Yeah it rained a bit (hmmm, rather a LOT) and was a little muddy (snigger) but was super fun!

Inspired by Kirstie, I shared my own little vintage home details from my little loft flat.

We had the most perfect weather in Keswick at the start of Autumn.   Was a great day for photographing the beautiful scenery.

I introduced this little person in November, having Meg come to live with me is probably the best bit of 2012 for me!

The prettiest place I visited in 2012, was Shambellie House, the Museum of Costume in Dumfries.  Goodness me, I want to live there, stunning!

I can't wait to see what 2013 brings... Happy New Year lovely readers, thank you for supporting my little blog.

Have you done a 2012 round-up?  I love reading these types of posts, leave me a link in the comments so I can have a peak...


  1. This is a really lovely post Jo xxxxxx

    1. Thanks Sally, I had fun putting it together. x

  2. Great list! It's nice to see so many happy moments all in front of you.

    I also did a roundup which is on my blog here:


    1. Thank you for your comment, I also checked out your post too, I really enjoy reading these types of posts. x

  3. I've realised over the past few days that one of the real bonuses of being a blogger is posts like this - how many great moments we'd forget if we didn't have our blogs to remind us! I love your colourful blog, hope you enjoy it even more this year :) x

    1. Thanks so much Anna, you are certainly right, I really like looking back on my blog to see all the nice things that have happened. x

  4. Aw pleased I made one of the best bits! :-) x

    1. Er me being the castle exploring friend! :-P

  5. Hehe, was a little test to see if you are reading! (kidding!) was a lovely day out! We will have to do more castle exploring this summer. x


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