18 February 2013

A few Favourite Crochet Books...

As my obsession with crochet grows, happily so does my crochet book collection.  As it seems like a lot of my fellow bloggers enjoy crochet, or want to start to crochet I thought a little peak into some good crochet books that helped to get me started might be interesting...
First up, this is by far my favourite, 150 Blocks to Knit & Crochet by Heather Lodinsky.  It is so useful, instead of little projects to make it sets out pages and pages of different little motifs and designs to make.  It has every shape you can think of, perfect for when you just want to make a little something pretty or to embellish a larger project.
As you can see the book starts by setting out all the different types of shapes you can make and then refers you to the page for the full instructions.  The instruction page gives you a clear picture, which is true to size, the crochet diagram (which frankly I never understand or follow!) and then clear written instructions.  Each project is then given a ranking of 1,2 or 3 hooks depending on difficulty of the project. 
The back pages give you a few ideas for larger projects and how you can join your blocks together to make blankets etc.
I have made quite a few things from this book now, they make ideal quick and easy projects for a lazy afternoon of crochet.  I do tend to end up with lots of pretty flowers and stars but then never quite know what to do with them, but they are so addictive to make!
Next up is Cute and Easy Crochet by Nicki Trench.  This is a project book, and everything in it is soo pretty.  There are lots of lovely projects for the home, which are my favourite type of item to crochet.  I am a bit obsessed with making my little loft flat pretty at the moment so there are so many things I want to make from this book.  I love how the projects are set out in 3 sections according to ability, starting out, practice makes perfect and confident crocheting so the book can help in developing your skill.
The front of the book gives an excellent overview of stitches with easy to follow explanations and clear illustrations for the basic stitches needed to make the projects in the book.
This beautiful round cushion is on my list of projects to complete this year.  (It's a rather long list already and it's only February, gulp!)
My final book to share this time is rather 'vintage'.  Knitting Fashion by Pam Dawson (Isn't Amazon great, it has everything!). I er, borrowed (stole hehe) this book from my mum, but quite frankly learning to crochet and the stitches and techniques have not changed so it is still a really good book.
Like a lot of the crochet books this one starts with details about how to do each stitch, but the difference with this book to my others is that these ones are a lot more complicated, stitches and techniques I have not even heard of.  Most of these stitches are probably a bit advanced for me yet, but it is great to aspire to this level one day.
A lot of the projects in the book are clothes and have rather a 70's style.  I am not sure I would actually ever make something to wear (besides perhaps scarf, hat and mittens).  Would you make yourself some crochet clothes and actually wear them?  Perhaps If I get a bit better I would.  But I do think these pictures are great! Watch this space for forthcoming fashion posts with me sporting my new granny square poncho!
What are your fave crochet books?  I love hearing about new books to try, so please feel free to leave me some ideas in the comments...  thank you very much.

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  1. Great reviews, thank you. I particularly like that jumper on pg 71 of the older book, might try & track that down.


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