15 February 2013

A Little Valentine Party

So everyone is probably sick of seeing heart shaped things and hearing about Valentine's day by now, but I don't care! I like Valentine's day.  I don't make a massive effort and we don't really do presents but sometimes it's nice to make a little effort for each other and have a few little treats.  Life would be boring if everyday was the same and there were no little 'occasions' to celebrate.
I decided to do something a little different this year and instead of going out or a romantic home cooked meal we had a little valentine party with little finger food.
These squishy heart shaped jellies from M&S are sooo yummy! They didn't last very long!
A little peak at our cards and a very un-romantic valentine movie!


  1. Oh this looks like the perfect night in! So cute.

    Happy V day!

    C x

  2. I love jelly sweets, they wouldn't have lasted long at my house either! Neither would those mini pizzas!
    Mia x


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