4 February 2013

Happy Birthday to my Blog!!!

Thursday 2nd February 2012 was the first ever post on this blog. I blogged about these Lego cookies I had baked, check out the post here.  So today I want to celebrate a year of blogging! Happy Birthday to the Perfect Hiding Place.
I actually cannot believe it has only been a year, it seems like forever ago that I baked those cookies and started to plan out my first ideas. I am happy that I started blogging, it has brought me so much over this past year. I am impressed and proud of myself that I have stuck to it, blogged consistently and not given up.  So through this little blog I have...
  • Made lots of lovely new online friends, it's great to feel like part of a community of like minded people.
  • Got a new  hobby. I didn't have many hobbies before starting this blog and over the past year or so have really enjoyed getting back into crafty things and baking.
  • Developed my photography skills.  I have still got sooo much to learn, but I am pleased with how far I have come. Well I have a lot more photos if nothing else.
  • Developed my skills and understanding of HTML and web design.
  • Improved my writing (possibly).
  • Gained a lovely illustrated diary to look back on.  I take my camera everywhere now so it's nice to document these memories.
  • Felt inspired and pushed myself to be more creative.
  • Discovered a million other amazing blogs, I always follow people if they leave a comment or follow me, great way to find new fabulous reading material.  Blogs may have overtaken magazines as my new favourite thing to read!
  • Got obsessed with Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram... Without this blog I probably wouldn't have heard of these things, or actually use them. I don't know if this is a good thing or bad thing, haha!
Hopefully I will progress even further over the next year, my plans for the Perfect Hiding Place include...
  • A little re-vamp, currently being worked on by the amazing Magic Feather Designs.
  • More photography development.
  • New content and features.
  • Button swaps and more support to blogger pals.
  • More involvement in the blogger community.
So thanks little blog, and big thanks to my lovely readers too, I never expected anyone to read my little ramblings so all the lovely kind comments are always a great bonus.


  1. Happy bloganiversary!!! Hope for many more years!

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