6 February 2013

I have a new blog design!!!!

Hi, just dropping by quickly today to say LOOK AT MY NEW BLOG DESIGN! Look how pretty! I'm super happy with it. Wuhu, a new blog design for a new year of blogging. The pic above is obviously my old design, just in case I forget what it looked like!
Of course it is the handiwork or the amazing Magic Feather Designs, you can see her designs blog here and her personal blog here.  She was very patient with me constantly changing my mind and not being sure what I wanted and kept working on it until I was completely happy.
We still have a few little tweaks to do, and my extra little pages to make, so stay tuned for these...
If you are reading this on your mobile or in a blog reader do please go to the main url and look at it properly so you can see Jen's design in it's full glory!
Thanks Sis, I love it. x


  1. That gal is a genius!!!!! I LOVE it!!!! Its beautiful xxxxx

    1. She really is! And very patient to put up with me too! haha. Thanks loads for comment.x


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