8 February 2013

Rainy Day Crochet Flowers

So one boring rainy Saturday I decided to crochet some flowers! I've had a few bored weekends recently, Mark has been away in the US on a work trip (forever!!!) so crochet has taken my mind of missing him a bit!
I was looking round my little loft flat that weekend and I made a list of little things I would like to do to make it prettier.  I can't do a lot as it's rented so I can't paint the walls bright green, which I'm of course dying to do, and a lot of the furniture came with the flat too. But I thought there are little things I can do, tiny changes that probably only I will notice and that will suit my meagre budget.  So of course I thought I should have some more crochet items around the place!
My inspiration? Why my new very favourite blog of course Attic 24, it's the first crochet blog I have found and I love it.  I love the pictures of her home, how many crochet blankets and pretty handmade things she had dotted around.  Her chosen colours are bright and solid primary colours, my favourites too.  I decided to pick one of Lucy's tutorials, the little crochet flowers they are so easy to follow with simple instructions and really clear images.  I had these little flowers done in no time.  Do check out the tutorial on Lucy's blog if you wish to make your own.
I added the little button detail into the centre and joined them all to a simple string of crochet chains and hung them on the back of my bathroom door.  One of the many great quirky features of this flat is the abundance of little hooks everywhere, I can't help but want to hang pretty things on them! (See previous post here, for more evidence of this!)
Here they are hanging in their new place on my bathroom door.
And a final close up view.  If the weather doesn't improve soon every available surface in the flat will be covered in pretty handmade crochet items before long.... I wonder if Meg would like a pretty crochet flower collar...
Do you get bored on rainy weekends and turn to crafts? Would love to see some of your rainy day creations, leave me links in the comments below.  Thank you.


  1. These look lovely :) I wish I was patient enough for things like this x

  2. Very pretty! I love Attic 24. Another great crochet blog is Slugs on the Refrigerator.

  3. lovely! would you like to follow each other? let me know!

  4. These are so cute! Crochet is one craft that i've never had a go at, but seeing these tempts me! :)


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