13 February 2013

This week's nails...

A couple of weeks ago I posted these nails and I do believe they are my favourite nail art design and colour combination to date.  I do love the 3 colours and wavy design, its relatively simple to do but I think looks great. 
I wanted to do some valentine's nails, but I don't really like little stickers on my nails or attempting to draw things on them, I prefer simple patterns and designs.  So I thought I would go for valentine colours instead.  I'm not usually a big fan for reds and pinks on my nails as it's sort of too obvious for a nail colour, I favour blues and greens usually.  But I made an exception this time...
Here are the colours I used.  I started with the Model's Own bright pink, I was annoyed that it had gone a bit gloopy but I tried the trick of putting in a little nail varnish remover and it worked a treat.  I then applied the Nails Inc darkish red to the top and the 17 sparkly red to the tip.  i finished off with Seche Vite, this is my first time using this, I love it, very impressed.  it dries super quickly and is so shiny!

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  1. These look really nice :) Love that Nails Inc packaging! x


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