11 March 2013

Crochet Daffodils for Mother's Day

I have a few favourite flowers so it is hard to pick my very favourite but just lately I am thinking daffodils just may have made it into the number 1 spot.  I love this time of year when you can buy the £1 bunches in the supermarkets, I pick one up every week when I am shopping.  Having a cheery bunch of these little yellow faces in a pretty vase on the table brightens up my little loft flat. 
But having said all that me and Daffodils have had a little set back last week in our relationship... Meg (my cat) got ill, she got sick and I was very worried.  She has never been sick before and she is an inside cat so quite difficult for her to pick something up or eat something bad.  But I found out that Daffys are poisonous for cats! aaargh NO! Meg is a bit of a naughty little scamp and she knows just how to get my attention by doing naughty things and one of those things is nibbling at and pulling the daffodils out of their vase.  So I fear she may have got ill from the Daffys, I'm not sure of course what it was but I can't risk Meggy getting ill so no more pretty little yellow faces in my flat until I found THIS post....
I think I have probably mentioned my admiration for Atttic 24 blog before, everything Lucy crochets is so pretty but one of my absolute favourites has to be her little pattern for Daffodils.  So I went all excited to the local craft shop to purchase some Daffodil coloured wool.  The wool I chose was just cheap Teddy double knitting, just think of all the little Daffys I can make from these!!!
Last week I was also considering what to get my Mum for Mother's Day, I knew I wanted to make something, so settled on a handmade card.  I had an idea a while back to make a crochet card much like the one I made for Mark for Valentine's Day but instead of a heart I could do some flowers, then after seeing Lucy's Daffodils I thought perfect, as I know Mum likes these little yellow lovelies too. 

So here is the finished card in it's place on the mantel at Mum and Dad's house, I think she was happy with it?!  Oh and don't worry Meg is completley better, gulping down her food, charging round the flat like a mad thing, being cute and purry (sometimes) curled up on my lap and of course plotting new ways to be a naughty little rascal!


  1. Mum was of course very pleased with your present, i hope i said so ! xxx

  2. Bless her!! Turns out she has as much love for the daffys as you…either that or she was getting a bit jealous you might love them more than her. These are so beautiful Jo xxxxx

  3. love these crocheted daffodils!very clever. my mum is very sweet and sends me a bunch of daffodils every year on the first day of spring (the day she brought me home frm hospital as a bubba) so i think daffy's are my fav too! love ur blog btw,just found it via miss beatrix.

    mezz (aka mezz makes stuff)

    1. Hi Mezz, thanks so much for your comment. That is a lovely tradition you and your mum have. Daffodils are great! Thanks for the follow too, I am just about to go and check out your blog... x


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