4 March 2013

Things that made me smile...

« New things to make my flat pretty « new blog designs « daffodils « early spring cleaning « seeing the first shoots of Spring « seeing Marky after 3 weeks apart « pancakes « valentine's day « a Carlisle blogger meet up « being inspired at work « Meg « sunny days « dinner with friends « and most excitingly of all, the news that I am going to be an aunty in August! screeeeam!

Cool things I have discovered this month...

I am the biggest fan of Attic 24 crochet blog and Lucy has done it again this month with another amazing blanket creation.  Her choice of colours and edging designs are simply perfect. (Picture credit: Attic 24)

I loved Fran's crafty laptop cover DIY on Skulls and Ponies.  She is so good with a sewing machine and always picks such interesting, pretty fabrics. I really want to make one too. (Picture credit: Skulls and Ponies)

Actually this is not cool, but it is a thing I discovered this month, the fact that this amazing museum and house is now no longer open to the public.  You may remember my post here  from October last year.  I made a visit to Shambellie House with my friend and her children and we had such a great day.  The house is simply beautiful and I am very sad that it is now closed, I just hope that the building itself is looked after and does not fall into dis-repair, that really would make me cry.

I discovered these amazing paper cut pictures from Folk Art Papercuts by Suzy Taylor.   I love paper cut art, it is so pretty, these artists have so much talent, not to mention patience! You can buy Suzy's art here and you can visit her blog here.  (Picture credit: Folk Art Papercuts, Suzy Taylor)

New movies/TV shows...

Game of Thrones - My Sister has been on at me forever to watch this and Mark and I finally got the box set to watch together. We do like a lot of the same TV shows, but always pick one series we only watch together.  Really enjoying it so far, I'm not the biggest fan usually of fantasy genre things but this is good!
Nashville - Really enjoying this new series about country music stars.  This series is so enjoyable, and actually a lot of the music is really good too.  Can certainly recommend if you looking for something new to watch.

New blog discoveries...
Beautiful Clutter - A super pretty blog full of beautiful vintagey things. Jem is a self confessed 'clutterbug' and blogs about her collections, but her collections consist of old books, photos and tea cups so looking at her photos is a delight.
Emma Lamb - Emma's blog is sooo colourful, I love the beautiful pictures she picks based on different bright colour palettes.  She also loves to crochet and displays her lovely creations here, just my perfect kind of blog!
Everyday Magic - This is the blog of founder and and Creative Director of Rice products.  If you love beautiful homewares, adore bright colours and have retro tastes and you have not checked out Rice, go to their website immediately, all their products are simply perfect, I would love my home to be filled with Rice!
Well this February post has gone up a little later than planned, but better late than never huh! February has been a good month, I love this time of year, watching all the little green shoots pop up and gardens bursting with colourful crocuses.  This month we got some amazing family news, my brother and sister in law are going to have a baby, we are all soo excited! I seem to have a really packed diary for March, I don't know how that happened, but looking forward to nicer weather, a few parties and spending time with friends.

Have you done a month in review post, I love reading these type of blog posts, please do leave me some links to yours...


  1. Finally managed another post! It's more two months in review :-) http://prettythingsandprettyplaces.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/march-already.html?m=1

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