31 March 2013

Treasure Hunting Road Trip

On Saturday Mark and I went on a little road trip adventure.  He purchased an antique cast iron fire surround for his house he is renovating from Ebay so we had to go and collect it, a couple of hours drive away! Mark likes buying things on Ebay and we have been on a few little adventures to collect purchases now, but it is always fun, as generally these little adventures take you to new places, and Saturday was no exception.
So we set off around 11 ish, stopping at Morrisons first, of course, for essential road trip supplies, cookies and flying saucers etc.  Our destination, somewhere in County Durham, not a place either of us is very familiar with us so it was all new.  As we got further and further down the road it was apparent it had been quite snowy up there!
These pictures were actually from the way back, we sort of got lost, ish on purpose and came back on a different road but we are so glad we did as it was amazing! Little country road deep in the middle of nowhere and all you could see for miles was snow, was so so pretty we had to get out and take photos. I don't think I have ever seen so much snow, there were 5 ft walls of the stuff piled up along the road side! The road was deserted too, these photos do not do it justice at all, was very pretty.
We found our destination relatively easily then went back down the road to Barnard Castle, a little town we passed along the way, to have a little explore. Mark's fire surround thing cost him £60 and we coincidentally found the exact same one in a little antique shop for £450! So quite the bargain, they must have come out of an Edwardian terrace in the area somewhere. Mark's is covered in white paint but once stripped and sprayed black will look exactly like this, he has done the same with original fire places in his house already, so clever! :-)
Barnard castle is such a pretty little place, it describes itself as a historic market town, little streets full of very old quirky looking buildings and of course a castle! Well worth a visit if you are in the area.  I couldn't help taking photos of quaint little houses, squeeal!
And look at this teeny little door! aw!
Barnard Castle seems to be the place to come antiquing, so many quaint little antique shops.  We went in a fair few, but one of them was amazing, like a little treasure cave, so many little rooms and full of stuff, but very neatly organised.  I love shops like this, you have no idea from the front what treasures they hold.  I loved these beautiful old quilts, but they were £200 each for a small one! yikes!
Wouldn't you just love to have one of these old shop display cabinets?  Think of all the little crafty bits and bobs you could fill each drawer with, sigh...
Oh and this kitchen cupboard, counter thingy, oh how this would be perfect in my little flat.  I have just the place for it too.  I think it must be 30s/40s??? It would go perfect with my little vintage sink unit. (See post here).
Mark and I do love our little treasure hunting trips... next time we will have to bring a big van... oh and not forgetting to visit that money tree on the way! boo! :-(

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