30 May 2013

Crochet Flower Hanging

My little loft flat now displays quite a lot of my crochet creations!  I do enjoy seeing pretty crochet around the flat, it makes me smile.  One of my fave things I have recently made are these large flowers, they are so big and bright and look cheery hanging on my bathroom door.
The flower pattern is from the book '150 Blocks to Knit & Crochet' by Heather Lodinsky it is on page 118 and is the 'Two Tone Anemone Flower' if you have the book.  If you do not have the book and you enjoy crochet, they I can certainly recommend it. It is a pleasure to sit and make these simple pretty flowers, I often find myself just trying out new flower patterns never really knowing what they will turn into.
Here you can see I reversed the colours for each flower to make a simple pattern, then I chained a length of green wool and secured each flower in place.  I love how the flowers sort of flop and hang in different directions.
And here is the hanging in full, it is hooked onto the back of my bathroom door.  I can't possibly have a door in the flat without something hanging on it!  


  1. I have a few flowers .. was confused as to how to convert it into a wall hanging.. love your idea...


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