14 May 2013

Fimo Crochet Hooks

Any other crochet fans out there get a sore hand from little metal hooks and find them uncomfortable to use after a long time? Well I do.  I have been admiring pretty handled crochet hooks for a while, wondering where people get them from.  I did eventually find some pretty polymer clay ones on Etsy but they were rather expensive, so in a lightning bolt moment, I thought I could attempt to make some myself! Can't be that difficult!

I LOVE Fimo! My sister and I used to make endless masterpieces from this stuff when we were little.  I have this little stash sitting on my shelf, Marky bought me it in a bundle of crafty stuff for my birthday ages ago.

Naturally I went for brightly coloured polka dotty handles!  They are super easy to make.  Simply roll the Fimo in your hands until it becomes soft, then roll out into a sausage, the same length as your hook at the desired thickness.  Then poke your hook (obviously it MUST be a metal hook, it is going in the oven!) down through the sausage shape and squish the end so it fits nicely at the top.  You can now spend some time rolling the handle on a flat surface to make it nice and smooth and even, I made mine slightly tapered, so wider at the end.

I gently tapped the ends onto the table to make sure they were flat, then I carved the size of the hook into the end using a pin.  Next you can put on the polka dots! I just rolled little balls and stuck them onto the handle, then rolled the handle on the flat surface again so they squish down into the previous colour.

When you are completely happy with them put onto a baking tray and bake for 30 minutes at 110c.  The Fimo doesn't shrink happily, so it will look exactly as it did when un-cooked! Plus I was happy that nothing happened to my pretty coloured hooks in the oven either.

I used the hooks last night for a few hours of lovely crochet and the handle felt really comfortable and no sore hand, pretty and practical, score!
What do you think?  What types of hooks do you prefer?  Have you bought any pretty ones?  Would love to see, if you could send me links.


  1. Oh they're so pretty!!!! Well done!!

    I love looking at fimo crochet hooks on etsy but think the same as you, that they are pretty pricey!

    Not sure I'd risk it because I don't trust my fimo skills ;)

    1. Thank you very much for your comment Susie. They really are very easy to make, I'm sure you could give it a go.

  2. These are awesome, thanks for sharing :)


  3. I don't crochet myself, but think these are super cute! What an amazing idea! I love how crafty you are :D Thanks for your comment on my blog btw. Hope you are well darling x


  4. This is a cute idea! I love the simple spots


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