20 July 2013

Summer is...

Amazing views - Pooley Bridge, Ullswater, Cumbria
Camping! Parkfoot Campsite Ullswater
Adventures in this little blue house.
Enjoying the beautiful weather on pretty walks with favourite people.
Hot dogs!
Big ice creams at the beach at Allonby
Pretty walks with my dad.
Hot cats! - Bless Meg, she is not enjoying the temperatures in the flat!
Big milkshakes sitting outside a favourite café - The Filling Station, Keswick
Evening walks down pretty lanes to pub beer gardens.
Enjoying my lunch hour under a shady tree in the Cathedral grounds.
What are your favourite moments of Summer?

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  1. Loved this pretty little post. We really are being spoilt with all the sunshine, i love it!!!

    Hope you are well mrs xxxx


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