26 July 2013

The Chair Project Part 1

After I finished my Bookcase Project I was itching to have a go at another furniture item and I have been wanting to change the dining chairs in my little flat for ages.  You can see them here in this post, very boring, horrible shiny light wood, they just don't really go with the rest of my brightly coloured or vintage furniture.  
So I was determined to find some bargain chairs so I could do them up and after searching Ebay for ages and missing out on some great bargains, I got lucky! I was on Ebay everyday (when I get something in my head I'm quite determined!) looking at all the furniture listings in the local area and then I spotted these chairs! They were listed as a starting bid of just £1 so I bidded early and waited, fully expecting the price to shoot up, but it didn't, it stayed at £1, I was the only bidder! Hurrah!!! I got these 4 chairs pretty much for free! So happy! Wouldn't Kirstie in her fab new TV programme be proud! (I may tweet her! haha).  The pic above is the Ebay picture of the chairs (so excuse the quality) don't they look sad all unloved!
So one sunny weekend Marky and I drove (well Mark drove obviously!) to the lovely little Cumbrian seaside town of Maryport to pick up my chairs.  We found the house very easily, loaded up the chairs and then had a look around all the posh yachts at the port then drove home along the coast road, stopping at a little place called Allonby for ice cream. (It is IMPOSSIBLE not to stop here for ice cream!) The Ice cream shop is pretty much the only shop in the village anyway.  So in actual fact the chairs cost me £1 plus the price of an ice cream for Mark (in payment for his driving services).  So here are the chairs looking a bit happier in their temporary home at my parent's house (they have more room to do DIY projects, plus a Daddy to help!) Somebody sneaked into the photo, oh she loves posing!

 A close up of my chairs, aren't they pretty.... well they about to get even prettier...

First job is sanding which is the worst and so dull! It is messy and hurts your hands and is just not a fun job, but necessary if you want your paint to stick.
 Look what a good job I did!

Next stage is undercoat, we decided on just a white undercoat as Dad had some leftover (so again free! wuhu!) the paint is just normal wood undercoat.  Dad kindly painted these for me, he is better at painting then me!

Now for the fun colour!  You may remember from my Bookcase post that I painted the backing board of the bookcase this pretty blue.  I still had half a tin left so thought would be perfect for 2 of the chairs (can't have them all the same, that would be so dull!) So this paint was free too!

Pretty blue chairs all finished! Well, er no, of course not, I'm not just going to leave the like that... tune in soon to Part 2...   

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