4 July 2013


Last weekend I went to Woolfest, a local Cumbria festival celebrating all things woolly!  You can read all about it on their website here. It is a celebration of natural fibres and all the things you can do with it, so being a massive crochet and craft fan I was just more than a little bit excited to attend. (erm yep the bunting was knitted, squeeeal!)

As soon as you walked through the door you were greeted by fantastic woolly masterpieces.  The local communities and contributors made this amazing collaborative works of art, here you can see The Hungry Caterpillar and below the Mad Hatter's Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland.

The festival is held in an agricultural auction building and the place was filled to the rafters with rows upon rows of stalls selling so much woolly loveliness.  As a festival to support natural fibres many of the wools on show were hand spun and naturally died also, so many pretty colours.... check out www.nataliefergie.com

Of course it was not just wool to buy but woolly crafts too! I know someone who will appreciate the random awesomeness of these felted shrimps (remind you of anything sis?). Check out www.tinkertailors.co.uk

And check out these felted and knitted cacti, how cute!

 Couldn't help photographing these curly woolly dogs to show you!

The Natural Dye Studio www.thenaturaldyesudio.com

And even felted sloths! arrrgh! These fantastic creations can be bought here Riddles Craft www.riddlescraft.co.uk

I love bowls and have a little collection, and I also love wool and felt, so felted bowls!?! I'm in heaven!
Amazing felted scarf that looks like a creature from the deep!
And of course there were many many knitted, crocheted and felted corsages. These particular lovelies can be found here Felt by Bridget www.feltbybridget.com.
With Woolfest being all about wool (duh!) they could not forget to showcase the very animals from where it all comes from! This was the best bit for me, checking out all the cute sheep! I LOVE Herdwicks our own very special Cumbrian breed, how cute are their faces?
I did chuckle to myself when I thought it was probably a sheep's worst nightmare being in a massive exhibition space full of crazed knitters, don't steal my wool..... oh dear, for this poor shivering one it was too late! hehe. (I promise he wasn't shivering, he was fine!)
This little guy was cute all curled up so deserved a photo.
Somewhere underneath all that amazing curly woolliness was a sheep!
Oh but it is not just sheep we get our wool from, no! There were little baby Alpacas at Woolfest too, HOW cute are they!! screeeeeam! The Alpacas have a website too, www.whynotalpacas.co.uk. And there were even Angora rabbits, but I forgot to take their photos.
All in all a great day out, very very busy and popular, crikey me I was even a little scared of the crowds at the button stalls! hehe.  Have you been to Woolfest or a similar woolly festival near you? Would love to hear all about it...


  1. I can't believe how many things can actually be made from wool lol. I absolutely LOVE the woollen bunting!

  2. wow what an amazing festival, I wish they had something like this here ox

  3. A wool festival- that's awesome. Some great crafts on show too!



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