19 August 2013

The Chair Project Part 2

We left Part 1 of the Chair Project here with nicely painted bright blue chairs.  You may remember from The Bookcase Project I can't just leave anything nicely painted, oh no I like things to look a little bit worn and shabby, so yeah out came the sandpaper and wallpaper scraper, oh that pretty blue paint!
I was slightly worried that I had overdone the distressing on these blue ones.  After I painted mine Dad painted some old chairs of his own pretty bright colours and I was jealous of their perfect paint finish.  Oh well, I can always sand them down and re-paint them again when I get bored and in need of a project! haha.

So that's 2 pretty blue chairs completed, but I started out with 4 chairs, so what to do with the other 2?  I didn't want them all to be blue as that would be boring, why stick to one bright colour when you can have many?  So I went paint shopping, oh paint shopping is soooo much fun, I might even put it up there in second place after wool shopping! I chose the brightest colour I could possibly find...
Here's Daddy making the chairs yellow, YELLOW! Screeeam! How amazing is this colour, I just want to stare at it all day long.  You can't fail to be uplifted by its cheery brightness. The actual colour is Dulux Lemon Chiffon, I got it mixed up at Homebase, it cost around £2.60 for the smallest tin and was more than enough to do two coats on 2 chairs, bargain!  Dad didn't do all the painting, promise I did some too, but he was very keen to help, I didn't force him!
So here are my little yellow beauties in their new home in the little loft flat.  Yes I distressed them, just a little bit for the yellow ones, after I overdid it for the blue I didn't want to ruin the beautiful bright paint too much with these ones.  Here the chairs are photographed in the bathroom !?! they don't live in the bathroom, it just so happens the bathroom has the best light in the flat and seemingly it is trying to be Autumn outside and we don't seem to have had much nice daylight recently for optimal photographing conditions!
Oh, yes just to mention I varnished my chairs after painting and distressing. I used B&Q Quick Dry Varnish in Satin Clear, I had lots leftover from the Bookcase. Just gives it a nice finish and of course protects the distressed bits from getting anymore unwelcome distressing.

And finally, hurrah! Here are the beautiful blue and yellow chairs reunited in their final home round the polka dotty dining table.  I am SOOOOO pleased with them. I literally cannot stop staring at them now, such a happy little corner with my colourful bookcase here too.

I was dying to have a little get together with my friends to show off my new chairs, so I invited everyone round for dinner to try them out.  I put together a little bright table, I love clashy prints and bright colours.  All my plates and cutlery are brightly coloured and mis-matched, but I think it all goes so well together, makes me smile anyway. Ahhh, now, what next.....
So what do you think?  What colours would you choose for a chair project?


  1. They look brill! So bold and bright :D x

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