12 August 2013

What I'm working on...

It seems like some time since I shared a crochet project on here, well just in case you were worried (haha) I am still crocheting, I just seem to be working on big projects that are taking aaaages!  This is my current major project and it is a REALLY special one!
The colours I have chosen are by Wendy Peter Pan wool (the cutest brand baby wool ever!) and I chose shades, 306 baby blue, 913 blue jeans, 303 pale lemon and 922 pistachio.

This is a baby blanket, I've made baby blankets for lovely babies before but this one is extra special because it is for my soon to be born nephew.  He is imminent, my Sister in Law's due date was Friday, screeeeam! We are all so excited.

I wanted this blanket to be a bit different to previous ones I have made so decided instead of my usual granny squares I would go for Lucy's Neat Ripples. I have used this pattern before for a cushion, here.  The pattern I am following with the 3 main colours is as follows:
A = dark blue, B = cream, C = light blue.
A x2, B x1, A x1, B x2, C x1, B x1, C x2, A x1, C x1
It is worrying me slightly that the baby was due on Friday and I am nowhere near finished the blanket, eek! But first babies are always late right? I am sure my Sister in Law is hoping not too late tho... better get hooking...

I have not yet used the green colour but I am planning on doing something with it for the edging, I have not settled on the perfect edging pattern yet, but will see how it looks when I get there. I will no doubt show the completed blanket on the blog, so stay tuned...

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  1. Jo this is beautiful you are so clever!!!!!! What a beautiful little blanket to be snuggled up in xxxx


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