2 September 2013

A Blanket for Corey

A few weeks ago I blogged about a current work in progress, you can see the post here, a really special baby blanket project for my new Nephew Corey.  Well I have now finally completed the blanket, you can see it in all its finishedness!
Here is a close up of the edging I decided upon, I wanted something quite plain and simple as it is quite a simple blanket with only 3 colours.  I chose a new subtle colour for the edging, using the same Peter Pan Wendy wool in colour Pistachio.  The pattern is from Attic 24, you can see the full instructions over on Lucy's fabulous blog here.
Here is a close up of the rippled edge where I have made it straight, I found this quite challenging and had to un-pick a few times. I wanted this blanket to be perfect as it is for such a special little person. As I was going along I found that the blanket was developing a sort of triangular shape, it was getting wider as I went down.  The first chain edge is a bit tighter, but happily once I had finished the edging the traingularness was virtually un-detectable.
Here is the blanket all packaged up ready to be delivered to baby Corey.
I think he likes it, phew!

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