6 September 2013

Give it a try...

Today is the start of a new little series on the blog, 'Give it a try...' will feature small crochet projects, from pretty and interesting patterns that catch my eye.  I really have two aims with these posts, to improve my crochet and to understand better about how patterns are made up in the hope of eventually coming up with my own little patterns to document here on the blog.
So for my very first 'Give it a try...' I have chosen a new discovery pattern from ATERGcrochet the exact pattern can be found here this pattern is for sale for just a couple of pounds. I am not going to re-produce it here as that is not fair to the designer.  But it's good to support small independent designers by purchasing original patterns through excellent sites like Etsy, they are not expensive.
The wool I have chosen is Stylecraft DK, which comes in big balls and is usually a couple of pounds a ball, you could make many many stars from one ball. 
You can see here how the pattern builds up and then edging it really finishes it off and brings the star together.
I love these surface crochet bits, they add that interesting extra detail, and the more colours the better of course!
Make two stars and sew together.  If you are going to use them as decorations and hangings it is always better to join two together because no matter how good you are at crochet the back never looks that great!  Sewing together lets you hide all those nasty ends.
My little old shabby chic bookcase came with added little hooks, I decided to keep them on to add interest to the bookshelf but also because I knew I could make a little crochet something to hang on them!
I hope this new little series has inspired you to give a little pattern a try and of course I cannot recommend ATERGcrochet patterns enough, beautiful creations and super easy to follow instructions.

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  1. hello there!love the crochet stars!! will have to try one. just letting you know that I nominated your blog for a Liebster award because I think your great! its just a bit of fun.if you feel like joining in, head to my blog for more info... mezz xoxo


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