4 September 2013

Things that made me smile...
Soooo much has made me smile this month, but biggest smile of not just the month but the year is of course Corey my new baby Nephew! « Changing my bedroom round « finishing crochet projects « Manchester « Solfest « lots of time with Marky « Mark on his motorbike « coming home « meg in her tunnel « sunshine « new haircuts « ShAmy « being asked to do a guest post « a couple of hours to myself in Primark « running « compliments on my crochet.
Cool things discovered this month...
My Sister pinned this for me on our shared Pinterest board I obviously have no idea what she is getting at with this (!) but I love the typography.  I clicked on the link and it took me to the artist's website... http://marykatemcdevitt.com/ woweee I love love love her work, could gaze at these for hours. (Image: http://marykatemcdevitt.com/)
How pretty are New Look's latest dresses? I purchased the one on the end already (sooo pretty and had lots of compliments) but I think I also NEED the other three. And best of all they are around £20 each! You can get them here www.newlook.com but save some for me! (Image: www.newlook.com)
The new Rice http://www.rice.dk/ catalogue for A/W 2013 is so pretty I want to cry! They have branched out more into home furnishings and even to bags!  I love the bright colours and miss matched patterns.  I want to fill my home with Rice. (Image: http://www.rice.dk/)
I discovered this amazing shop on Etsy AfterGcrochet and I am crazy about all the wonderful and colourful crochet creations.  Such pretty little designs.  not only do they sell the finished items but also the patterns so you can have a go yourself.  I have already purchased quite a few of them... (Image: http://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/ATERGcrochet)

New TV Shows/Movies...
The Worlds End This is sooooo good! I'm a big fan of Simon Pegg and his Cornetto Trilogy so was dying to see this.  I love that he is a goth, funny.  I went to the cinema to see this one with a good friend, such an enjoyable evening out and made me LOL loads!
Orange is the New Black How good is this series? Completely addictive.  The great thing about it was that when I discovered it the whole series was on Netflix, so I probably watched it all in a few days (sad, I have no life clearly!) I didn't think I would like it at first being set in a women's prison!, but first episode and I was hooked.  Cannot wait until season 2.
The Great British Bake Off Yeah! This has returned! wuhu! Such an enjoyable TV show, but makes me want to eat cake so badly! Aren't Mel and Sue funny, oh they crack me up, I love their humour, the show would just not be the same without them.
New Blogs this month...
Chalk White Arrow This lifestyle and fashion blog is super pretty and full of brilliant photography.
One Ten Zero Seven I am so happy I discovered this blog, it is a complete mix of fashion, lifestyle, food, craft.  Really interesting and a great read. This acorn necklace is the best thing ever! 
Sew Ray Me Beautiful crafty blog.  Rachel is super talented she loves crochet and makes the most amazing quilted things.
Well that's Summer gone then, it is now a few days into September.  I have probably mentioned before that I am not the biggest fan of Summer but I have been loving the beautiful weather we have been blessed with this year.  Mark and I went to a local music festival Solfest over the bank holiday and the weather was so perfect, was so happy!  Not wanting to wish the warmer weather away or anything, but I am just dying to get my winter coat on and dig out my woolly tights! Eek I am so excited about September, THE best month of the year! 


  1. So much pretty! I need all those dresses. And the cushions. I love your pretty little blog and I've nominated you for a Liebster award :) clicky


  2. Thank you so much for such kind words about my blog! :)) I'm so pleased you are enjoying it!!

    Sophie | onetenzeroseven


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