30 September 2013

Things that made me smile...

My birthday and all the efforts my mum goes to make it special « cooler weather and a chance to get the tights out « knitted dresses « boots « rescuing hedgehogs « that start of a new season, new academic year and new age for me fresh start feeling « students back on campus at work « seeing the old planes with my dad and seeing how much he enjoyed it « picking wool for new projects « spending time with baby Corey, Nikki and David « hosting reunions  « a day with my sis.
Obsessing over this month...
The return of Downton Abbey, the best TV show in years! SO happy that this returned this month and with the very start of the series on my birthday no less! It's as if ITV put it on especially for me! (Photo source: ITV)
Big chunky, slouchy cardigans.  When the cooler weather gets here I start obsessing about woolly things.  The amount of cardigans I already own is quite ridiculous so I certainly do not need anymore, but I can't help myself, these look too snuggly to resist. (1. Next, 2. Matalan, 3. Next, 4. Matalan)

Craft magazines! I've subscribed to Mollie Makes and Simply Crochet since the start and I love them both, but recently new ones have been popping up all over the place and this month I have purchased Craftseller and Crafty and I do really like them.  These little mags are around £5 each so it is becoming an expensive little habit.  But which ones should I pick to be regular reads if can't afford them all? Do you read any craft mags, which are your faves and why?
New TV/movie discoveries...
Dexter - The last ever ever episode! I've really enjoyed this programme right from the start, it is one Mark and I always watched together.  Until that is he gave up half way through this last ever series, so I had to watch the last episodes on my own, so have nobody to review it with! aaaargh!
The Carrie Diaries - I finally caught up on this series, been meaning to watch it for a while.  I was the BIGGEST SATC fan ever, so wasn't sure about this. It's quite annoying to pick out all the things that blatantly don't follow the original series like she er has a sister and a dad! um...? but if I think of it as a series on its own with no relation to any other it is quite enjoyable.
Sons of Anarchy - New series started this month (on the internet shhh!) SO good! I did however make the mistake of watching it before work one morning, bad idea! Kind of makes you jumpy all day and clouds your judgement of the world! haha.
Safe Haven - Slushy, romantic, over emotional Nicholas Sparks novel adaptation.  Yep these are sometimes a bit cringe, but I'm an over romantic soppy girl so I do enjoy them.  Obviously this is not as good as The Notebook, but with pretty people, pretty scenery it is an enjoyable watch for a rainy Sunday afternoon.

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