2 October 2013

A Crochet Bunny

A friend's little boy had his first birthday a week or so ago (on the same day as mine!) so of course I decided to make him a little crochet something.  My Amineko Cat got a lot of compliments so I though maybe baby Jude would like one too.  But this time I wanted to make the pattern a little different.
For the body and limbs I just followed the exact same pattern as last time.  You can find it here http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/amineko-crocheted-cat 
So I decided to make him into a bunny instead of a cat.  For the ears I just made them up, just rows of dc with increases and decreases to form the shape.  I made one ear shape in blue and then a second ear shape in green and sewed them together in green with a dc edging.
I just embroidered his little face straight onto the head after I had joined him all together.
Close up detail of his feet. The wool is Peter Pan Wendy in Pistachio for the main green colour then blue jeans for the paws.  I love this wool it is sooo soft, perfect for baby presents.
Little front paws!
And of course a little round bunny tail.  Again for the tail I just made it up.  Just a continuous spiral, working increases and decreases to get the desired shape.
What do you think of the Amineko Bunny? I'm quite pleased with him.  I like how the basic pattern can be adapted to make lots of different animals, what should I try next?

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