7 October 2013

A crochet mustard snood for me!

I treated myself to a little crochet make.  Looking at all my crafty things recently they have been for other people, so it is nice to make myself a little something for a change.  I seem to have developed a little tradition for making these, I made one last year, you can see it here and the year before I kitted one! I do love a snood!
I have got a little obsessed with this mustard colour at the moment.  I really want a cardigan in this colour but can't seem to find a decent one.  I have thought about making one, but that it maybe a challenge for another time, so a snood will do for now.  The wool I have used is Jarrol Sweet Briar Chunky in Mustard and I purchased it here.  I bought two balls and have about 75% of one of them leftover.
I wanted a looser sort of pattern for this year's snood and I just made this pattern up as I went along.  It is so simple and worked up really quickly, which is great for such an impatient person as me.  But of course when I finished it the weather got warmer so I have not actually worn it yet! humph!
So onto the pattern:
  • Start with a chain and just keep chaining until the desired size.  I measure it against last year's and other scarves I have to get an idea of how I wanted it.
  • Join your chains with a ss to the starting ch once it is desired length.
  • To start your first row, ch4 then make a tr into the second ch from hook.  (The ch4 counts as the first tr plus ch1).
  • Ch1, then miss a st on the ch and make a tr into the next ch along.
  • Simply repeat the ch1, miss a st, tr into next st until you use up all your chains.
  • Join your last tr with a ss to your first ch4.
  • Now ch4 again to get the height for next row.
  • You are now going to be working your tr into the spaces from the previous row.  keep going along exactly as before.
  • Keep going with rows working trs into the previous rows spaces until you get the desired height for your snood.  Keep trying it on to check! Mine is 20 rows high.
The pattern makes a sort of lattice effect and is super quick to work, with the chunky wool you will have your completed snood in no time!

Me in my finished snood, of course it goes with everything! wuhu!
Have you got any good snood and scarf crochet patterns? Of course I will have to attempt a new one for next year. 

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