9 October 2013

Life Lately

I've been spending my days at work sewing! Living the dream! haha.  I don't know how or when we decided to make Alumni Association bunting but it's suddenly a reality.  Best part we got to hang out in the textiles classrooms for an afternoon, love it there.  I want to be a student again.
This photo of Meg is my absolute fave ever! Look at that little face. She is sooo cuddly lately, literally every time I sit down she curls up on me, I wake up with her sleeping on my back (I don't even notice anymore she is just always there) she is asleep on my legs now as I write this. I always feel so guilty having to move her.

I'm becoming obsessed with beauty products and make-up! I'm buying loads of things every time I go into town or to the supermarket.  Superdrug is fast becoming my favourite shop! I blame you beauty bloggers, yes you know who you are!  With their convincing product reviews and flawless complexions it really is not good for the bank balance.
So happy it is Autumn and I can get this little Tatty Devine beauty out! Oh I have missed you most perfect oak leaf acorn necklace, oh could there be a more perfect or prettier item of jewellery, I don't think so!
 Light green nails?  Kind of snot coloured aren't they!? Not so sure yet...

It was my birthday recently, wuhu! Mummy made me a cake, yum yum! Within my little group of school friends 4 of us have birthdays within a week or so of each other, we all turn the same age, so we picked a date sort of in the middle ish and got dressed up and went for dinner, was a nice change.  We were all home by 10.30! haha. Oh times have changed, we are old now!

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  1. I love that necklace. I love that you've incorporated sewing into the day job too! I wonder if I can do makeovers from the office?! Haha x


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