7 November 2013

A Crochet Hat and Mitts for Corey

I was in town with my Sister in Law Nikki and baby Corey at the weekend, we were looking in baby clothes shops for a little hat and some mittens for Corey and didn't find any that we liked.  Nikki really wanted a trapper style hat with ear flaps that tie under his chin so that it doesn't fall off.  So on the way home a thought popped into my head, surely a thought that any fellow crafters reading this have at least 10 times a day... 'I could make a hat!' so popped into Fun 2 Do my fave local craft shop to browse the wool.
I found this, Lullaby by Stylecraft. I love the Stylecraft yarns, great range of colours and a good price.  I hadn't realised they did baby yarns too, this is soooo soft, feels lovely. I'm very careful with anything I make for Corey, it has to be super soft nice yarn.

So next I needed a pattern, of course I turned to Ravelry  and found these fantastic free patterns, firstly this super easy and pretty mittens pattern then this free pattern for the hat

I modified the hat slightly on the ear flaps as I wanted to attach a little turn up flap at the front to give it a more trapper style hat look. I was going to use some plain buttons from my button stash for the front but could not resist these teeny bears in Fun 2 Do, so cute.

And here is the finished hat and mitts, a really lovely easy make for an afternoon.  Hopefully the hat will fit and keep little Corey toasty warm in this chilly weather.


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